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Introducing HorseMate
100% Natural, Absorbent and
Easy-to-Use Horse Bedding

Super absorbent and created using 100% natural, recycled wood, our HorseMate pellets provide the perfect bedding solution for your horse as they produce minimal odour and dust, ensuring a drier stable environment.

Heat treated to increase sanitation; you can create cleaner, more comfortable living conditions for your horse, whilst reducing consumption and saving yourself time and money.

Our wood pellet horse bedding is purposefully designed to significantly reduce labour costs in large stables as well as the amount of time you spend replenishing their bedding, so you can focus more on what’s important: riding and caring for your horse.

And proven to be much easier to store than chippings; this easy to use, affordable bedding is ideal for anyone with limited time. Leisure riders, trainers, jockeys or dressage competitors... you can create a more efficient cleaning rota for their stable.

Why Use Horsemate?

As a wood pellet manufacturer and horse care provider, we understand your desire to offer your horse the best. Comfortable living conditions that are warm, dry and sustainable.

That is why all of our wood is locally sourced from natural clean waste timber (destined for landfill) to cut your costs and ensure day after day your horse gets somewhere relaxing and dry to sleep at night.

We don’t believe in cutting corners. All of the wood pellet horse bedding you’ll receive from us is made and treated to the highest of standards, so you can confidently care for your horse and know their satisfaction is guaranteed.

Yet this is not all we’ve got to offer...


We also provide:


eco-friendly wood pellets ideal for animal bedding (cats, birds, rabbits or chickens), Petmate is 100% biodegradable, compostable and absorbent whilst reducing odour and bacteria.

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a high quality heating pellet, Heatmate produces little smoke or ash making it the perfect addition to your pellet heaters and boilers as it has less of an impact on the environment.

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Whether you require bedding for your horse, cat, chickens or snakes, or are looking for an environmentally friendly solution for your pellet heater, we have got something for everyone.

A 100% natural wood pellet product, whose careful preparation can provide you with a cost effective, eco friendly alternative that is easy to store, use and maintain.

To learn more on how to use our Horsemate wood pellets, watch the following video. Alternatively contact our team today and discover how our pellets can make a real difference to your stable environment.